Personalise your blend

We’re the only coffee company that will blend and create a coffee for your exact taste, style and requirements.

Our sustianble packaging

We’ve developed some quite sophisticated blend science that allows you to create a blend that works uniquely for you.

First, you will need to tell us what kind of flavours you like. Our sliders range from Fruity to Sweet to Spicy and you can choose where you sit on that scale, if you are unsure of the flavours you like there are plenty of specific tastes on the scale to help you out.

Next you will be asked to select the intensity of your coffee. This is referring to the body or mouthfeel of your preferred brew. Again you will be able to position yourself on a sliding scale that runs from Light to Medium to Rich.

Once you have selected your flavour and intensity we will ask you a few questions about your coffee drinking habits that will also impact the blend you create and grind type you require.