Grind Detail

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i. how do you make your coffee?
Different methods require a different grind, let us know so we grind it perfectly for you.
Espresso/Bialetti Filter Cafetiere Just beans – no grind!

ii. when would you like your coffee to arrive?
Choose when you’d like your deliveries to drop through your letterbox.
Start of the week End of the week

iii. how often should we send your coffee to you?
Freshly ground coffee tastes better so we offer a fortnightly option for non-caffeine addicts
Weekly Fortnightly

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You will recieve
Each will cost you
Deliveries due

Discount code:
NaN box of coffee each week
including first class postage
Start of the week
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your discount will be applied when you complete your order

Grind settings
Your blend will be ground for:
A cafetiere (900 microns)


You’ll receive enough coffee in each box for 16 perfect 8.9g cups with a little bit extra thrown in for good measure. That’s a whole 150 grams of fresh coffee coming straight through your letterbox.
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